Monday, November 19, 2012

Invitation from the heart to Ploiesti, Romania

Winter is coming in Romania, that time of the year when street dogs need our help the most. Help with shelter, help with enough food so that they can make it through in very low temperatures and high snow in the street, help with sterilizations to prevent more unfortunate pups being born in such exceptionally awful conditions.

We at RSDP (registered charity Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti) extend an invitation from the heart to all the brave ones who care, who want to help, who want to get informed and see for themselves what it is like to be a Ploiesti street dog and a stray animal rescuer. For nothing compares to gaining first hand impressions and actively making a difference yourself.

We reach out and invite you to Ploiesti to help us with our street dog rescue work in a time when help is needed the most. Next time you are thinking of vacation plans for the next few months, please keep an open mind and consider doing something rather different this year. Thank you!

Pup abandoned all alone in snow bigger than her last winter

 Improvised shelters for street dogs

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