Monday, October 8, 2012

Local affordable sterilization procedures

I am happy to recommend a local vet clinic for high quality affordable spaying and neutering procedures:

SC Dog Projects SRL - Branch in Plopeni
(affiliated with SOS Dogs and FPCC- Foundation for the Protection of Stray Dogs)
Strada Independentei Nr. 7, Plopeni
Phone for appointments:  0721. 36. 98. 09

They neuter a dog or cat regardless of size/gender for 90 RON = 27.5 USD = 20.70 EUR = 17.10 GBP. This also includes transportation to and from the clinic, as well as 2 days of post surgery and recovery for stray animals at their clinic!

They also have a branch in the Cornu township near Campina, Prahova County:
Str. Prof. Stanescu Cristea 267B
1071870, Cornu, Prahova

Vet Gabi Bratu does an amazing job, he has already sterilized for us hundreds of animals by now. Hopefully many more to come!

Vet Gabi Bratu at work

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