Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In the week before Easter

Originally written on March 30th, 2010

Another morning like all others before. A spring day, bright and sunny, that helps you get by easier in this grey town. A day during the week before Easter, when you’d least expect people to be evil. And yet…

Today I did not have to walk far until this grey town completely overshadowed the sun rays. Somewhere, on the pavement, I found the little puppy I had cared for, with the community, during the last few months. The puppy I used to feed, care for, and cure of scabies. The puppy of 3-4 months of age that had never hurt anyone, quite on the contrary, having been liked by the community, from residents to shop assistants in the area. With his small stuffed body looking terribly funny, he managed to make many people smile. Let’s say that out of the hundreds of dogs I have ever seen in my life, maybe only a handful had such a funny-looking body like his. And when such a funny body was doubled up with contagious puppy joyfulness, he was just too much, he would at least make you smile. All those times he walked through the intersection, stopping the traffic for a bit, and yet all drivers protected him. Somewhere high up there he must have had a guardian angel always looking for him, helping him survive unharmed the heavy traffic each and every single time. This angel also helped him survive the long, cold winter, and live till spring.

As I was saying, today, like many other times, I found him somewhere on the pavement. Fast asleep. But this time, he was sleeping his final sleep. You wouldn’t have guessed, until you noticed he wasn’t breathing anymore. The puppy I played with yesterday and that made me laugh is without life now. His stiff tail doesn’t wag anymore. And what hurts the most is that he has fallen asleep, his final sleep, with a smile on his face, going into death believing in a kind, beautiful world.

No, he was not hit by a car, his guardian angel did his job thoroughly. Not even weather extremes harmed him. Somebody simply poisoned him in the week before Easter. Someone who, for Easter, will most likely go to church and think of himself as a most righteous Christian.

I am going now to bury my sweetheart, as hard as it is. Because that’s what a real Christian would do.

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