Monday, October 1, 2012

Educational program kickstart and more sterilizations!

On Friday, September 28th we tackled the final battlefield in animal welfare: education. For without educating and engaging the community as a whole, without making them care and want to work with us, animals would never win the war. Without education, the flow of abandoned puppies would never cease. So on Friday I held the first educational day in a class of 26 4th graders in Ploiesti. Luckily for me, children really made things easy, being already animal lovers and some engaged in caring for little abandoned puppies in the school neighborhood.

 Talking to an amazing class of 4th graders

Children were enthusiastic about the educational booklets provided by Romania Animal Rescue for this educational program in Ploiesti:

But the real lesson came when the children wanted to share their own experiences with me. One girl told the class that her grannie had already sterilized the stray cats around her block. Children then took me around the school neighborhood to show me the abandoned puppies they cared for themselves:

I have then heard from several parents that their children went home on Friday and enthusiastically talked about sterilizations of the animals in their neighborhoods. Truly great, sensitive, caring and empathetic children that made my educational day a pleasure. A great kickstart for our Ploiesti educational program!

I then continued my day with 3 more emergency sterilizations provided as part of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge:

3 female dogs, from left to right: teenage female abandoned in a parking lot; adult female originally with an owner but recently abandoned in the street for getting pregnant yet again; and an owned female dog. These ladies raise the total count of sterilizations of the Neutering Challenge to 281!

Education and more sterilizations. The best way to help the largest number of animals possible, prevent animal suffering, and reach out and engage the community to help as well. Addressing the larger picture of animal overpopulation.

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