Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cinderella and pups update, and an important message

Remember Cinderella and her sweet pups? Cinderella was a stray female we unfortunately did not find early enough to sterilize in due time. Here's Cinderella with her pups some weeks ago:

Cinderella had at first 7 pups. A couple died hit by cars in the nearby traffic. And a few others died in the following weeks due to Parvo and Distemper. They got ill one after another, and we simply could not vaccinate them as they were already ill. Antibiotics and vitamins and visits to the vet could not save them, they were still too young and too little to fight such ugly big diseases.

These days, only 2 of Cinderella's pups are still alive. Unfortunately, due to recent cold weather and rain, both surviving pups are down with pneumonia and were taken to the vet this morning:

 Cinderella's surviving daughter

 Cinderella's surviving son

Gabriela with the 2 little darlings at the vet

With all my heart I wish we had found Cinderella in due time to have her sterilized. So her sweet litter of pups would not have been born to suffer and die like this. Sterilization is the ultimate act of love and kindness that would have prevented so much suffering of little innocent beings. Never again!

Cinderella is now sterilized as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. So no more pups of hers will ever be born to suffer and die like this.

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