Friday, September 21, 2012

Two lucky ladies

At the beginning of September we held Day 9 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge at the Bucov shelter, when we sterilized shelter dogs as well as stray and owned animals. It was an opportunity to meet some sweet and needy shelter dogs. Coca, one of my beloved friends and great helpers, really fell in love that day with one little Chihuahua mix from the shelter. For days, she kept on thinking that she had to rescue that little dog from there. Said and done.

A few days later, Coca and I took a taxi and went to the Bucov shelter to rescue the little girl and try to place her in foster care locally. Strangely enough, the taxi driver who drove us there also happened to be on the lookout for a little dog for his own family...

In the end, not one, but two little ladies left Bucov shelter that day. The little Chihuahua mix left with Coca and me, while the taxi driver fell in live with and adopted another little doggie from the shelter.
 The little doggie adopted from the Bucov shelter by the taxi driver. They instantly got attached to each other and she stayed on his lap during the journey back

The sweet little Chihuahua mix rescued by Coca

Home at Coca's place we gave the little Chihuahua mix a much needed flea bath (her skin being covered in flea poop) and had her de-wormed. I left her in the good hands of Coca and went home. 

To my surprise, the following day brought some terrific news: Coca found for the little girl a most wonderful home locally, right in her neighborhood. Some friendly neighbors had recently lost their old dog and instantly fell in love with the wee darling. 

Now the little girl is called Betty, she is greatly loved and spoiled and has a dream life full of love, and comes visit Coca with her new owners. And Coca is super happy to have the opportunity to see her little rescue dog daily on walks in the neighborhood.

Pretty darn amazing. Some matches are truly made in heaven. It was meant to be.

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