Sunday, September 2, 2012

Smokey the aid worker and more sterilizations!

Some weeks ago, our dear former Ploiesti stray Smokey visited his native land with lots of aid for his less fortunate four-pawed buddies left behind. Smokey brought with him from Holland  to Ploiesti plenty of aid consisting of valuable medical supplies, food and treats, doggie beds and blankets, lots of toys, and many collars and leashes, and the list goes on! More about this here. What's more, Smokey also collected from his Dutch friends money donations to be used for the Ploiesti strays. All in all, Smokey brought with him to Ploiesti in his aid collection box a whooping 238.9 Euro!

 In this donation box Smokey collected from his Dutch friends for the Ploiesti strays a whooping 238.9 Euro!

Let's see how we put to work Smokey's and his Dutch friends' generous donation!

Firstly, we provided 3 much needed sterilizations of local female dogs. This raises the total number of sterilizations performed as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Chllange up to 215! 

Three local stray female dogs, of which two were already pregnant, were sterilized from Smokey's generous donation. Thanks to Smokey and his friends, over 20 puppies will not be born this month alone

Next, Smokey's generous donation now provides the much needed chemotherapy treatment for Ila, one local stray female dog suffering from Sticker tumors. Her tumor was in a fairly advanced stage and would bleed continuously. After the first treatment alone, the bleeding stopped. After a few more treatments, sweet Ila should be fully healed!

Ila's Sticker tumor (see her rear) should be fully healed in a few months thanks to Smokey's collection box

Next, we also purchased plenty of vitamin and calcium supplements and puppy food for the abandoned puppies in our care:

The ABBA pups benefiting from vitamins and puppy food from Smokey's collection box

Serene and Rugby, some of the abandoned puppies benefiting from vitamins and puppy food courtesy of Smokey's collection box

Next, Smokey's collection box also helped prepare for adoption one little abandoned pup, Little Man Slanic, and covered airline transportation costs from Romania to Holland for local stray Nikki:

After many winters spent outside in the cold, sweet Nikki finally flew to Holland to her loving foster home, courtesy of Smokey's donation box!

To top it up with good news, when heading back to Holland, Smokey took back with him 4 little Ploiesti pups prepared for adoption and lovingly awaited for in Holland: Cookie, Danny, Ellie and Little Man Slanic.




Smokey and Little Man Slanic

I suspect Smokey had a lovely vacation in Ploiesti and Romania visiting his homeland and his old friends, but also helping a lot his less fortunate canine pals. Altogether, a fun and productive summer vacation for Smokey, former Ploiesti stray, now proud ambassador of Ploiesti strays and a true aid worker!

And thank you dearly, Smokey's Dutch friends, for your generous donations!

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