Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nikki, the most beautiful dog in the world!

Until recently, Nikki used to be a stray dog in the streets of Ploiesti. Not the most beautiful dog by objective standards, but to us here that knew her, she was the most beautiful dog in the world. Her beauty always shone from within. Her precious relaxed attitude and eternal doggie smile always warmed up our hearts.

Nikki, laid back as usual and with her cute smile

Her destiny was not always easy. A couple of years ago, while in the streets, she was hit by a car and left temporarily paralyzed. Friend Coca helped her fully recover after weeks of walking therapy. She also endured horribly cold and snowy winters outside in the cold, with a cardboard box as her shelter:

Fortunately, present and future look bright for our dear Nikki! She is now in foster care in Holland and living the dream life she always deserved:

Nikki resting in her first ever home, in her first ever doggie bed. To us, this is a miracle!

We recently got the most heartwarming message from the wonderful family who fosters Nikki, a message I am happy to share with all the ones that cared about Nikki: 

"I just want to let you know that the little Niki is doing great! I understand very well that you miss her. I hope it will comfort you that everything is allright with her. She seems to feel at home immediately. Unbelievable how she adjust to this complete new setting. She enjoys the company of our dogs, loves the walks in the park and her soft bed inside. She is doing wonderful at the leash, happily following the new pack. Also she 'takes her problems outside' like a neat house dog and enjoys her naps. She is very relaxed, she smiles a lot, also with her tail. She loves to cuddle, also with the children in the neighbourhood. Clearly she loves people, she must be treated very well and you took great care of her. We also do our utmost to make her feel at home here. She deserves it so much. She is so cute and lovely, as you know :-) It is a pleasure to have her here, this beautiful and amazing little girl."

The story of a most deserving girl whose beauty always shone from within.

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