Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cinderella and her dwarfs...

Or when we get there too late...

Here at Romanian Stray Dogs Ploiesti, our focus is by far prevention of animal suffering through neutering. We strive to provide as many sterilizations as possible for both stray and owned dogs in this severely overpopulated Romanian town. We may not be able to find loving homes for all of them, but we MUST help as many as we can with free sterilizations. Because we believe no pup should be born to suffer.

Unfortunately, sometimes we get there too late... Meet Cinderella, one stray female dog we did not manage to sterilize in time:

 Cinderella got pregnant and gave birth to 7 beautiful pups in an old dilapidated building

 Cinderella lost a lot of her hair after giving birth, most of her bodily resources going directly to feeding her puppies

These pups did not ask to be born, but they were anyway. They surely do not deserve a life of suffering

Unfortunately, one of Cinderella's yellow puppies was already killed in the nearby traffic. Soon, they will be moved to a safer area. But this means now we have mom and 6 pups to worry about, not just a single dog. A task exponentially more difficult.

In conclusion, if there is only one thing you can do to help, please consider supporting spay and neuter campaigns! The easiest and most efficient way to help the largest number of animals, by simply preventing their birth to a tough life.

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