Friday, August 10, 2012

Santa Claus Smokey

There was once an abandoned little pup on the streets of Ploiesti, dirty, alone, hungry and hit by a car, a pup we rescued in early December of last year and called Smokey:

For two months we fostered Smokey together with 3 other pups and got him ready for adoption abroad. At the end of January, Smokey flew to Amsterdam and was soon adopted by someone truly special, the best owner Smokey could have ever had. Some matches are truly made in heaven, and to me this is definitely one.

Smokey is a super lucky former Ploiesti stray pooch now happily adopted in Holland, a doggie that accompanies his owner to work daily, goes on trips and festivals with him, and is not "just" a dog for his owner. Meet Smokey nowadays, one lucky doggie, now bigger than a German Shepherd (and simply stunningly gorgeous):

What is truly amazing is that this summer, Smokey acted as Santa Claus for the stray brothers and sisters he left behind in Ploiesti. Smokey, his owner Nico, and their friend Leon came to visit Romania and spend their holiday here in Smokey's native land. With this occasion, Smokey came back to Ploiesti with a van full of aid for the ones he left behind, the ones who weren't as lucky as him.

We here thank dearly Smokey and his Dutch friends for all the aid they sent to Ploiesti. Where do I begin? Plenty of dog and cat food and treats, lots of collars, leashes and harnesses, lots of medical supplies such as de-wormers and flea treatments but also devices used during surgeries, doggie beds and blankets, several bags of doggie toys, metal and plastic kennels, food and water bowls, and over 200 euro in donations to be used for the animals of Ploiesti (and I am pretty sure the list of aid goes on and on, and the quantity and quality of the aid is simply jaw dropping).

But all the more amazing is that Smokey did not forget us, the ones who took care of him during his puppyhood in Romania. He did remember and reacted to all the people who were involved in his care here, he remembered his former foster courtyard, and he most definitely remembered my dogs he used to play with as a pup. Such moments do touch your heart (sigh...) and make you realize how all the effort from back then was so worth it. He did remember us!

After leaving Ploiesti, Smokey is touring Romania with his owner Nico and friend Leon. Last I have heard, Smokey was in a boat getting a tour of the Delta, then swimming in the Black Sea with Nico and Leon. A dog's life! (sigh again)

Thank you, Baron Smokey Bear (as we used to call him), for the many gifts you've brought to the ones you left behind, and thank you from the heart for not forgetting us!

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