Thursday, August 9, 2012

Many thanks from Ploiesti

A few weeks ago two lovely Dutch friends from the organization SterilizeDogs NL visited Ploiesti and brought with them a huge, generous box of goodies for the local stray animals:

Thank you, Help4Strays, for the many kennels, leashes and collars! And thank you dearly, SterilizeDogs NL, for the extra leashes and collars and ensuring the transport of all the aid to Ploiesti!

Here are some of the sterilized doggies in our care that benefited from the aid:

The SterilizeDogs NL volunteers also had a tour of Ploiesti and of the local stray packs in our care, met with local rescuers, visited the Bucov shelter and attended a meeting with the newly appointed director of the shelter. One super productive day indeed!

Cherry on top, at the end of their visit in Ploiesti, the SterilizeDogs NL volunteers did not leave Ploiesti empty handed, but took back with them to Holland 4 beauties prepped for adoption:

From left to right, please meet Maureen, Dotje, Maika, and Piki-Sorina, 4 extremely lucky Ploiesti ladies

Thank you dearly, Dutch friends, for your visit and for caring about our local animals so much. And thank you, donors of Help4Strays and SterilizeDogs NL, for helping these organizations help the Ploiesti doggies. Thank you from the heart!

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