Saturday, August 25, 2012

Educational booklets from RAR are here!

Very soon we will begin an education program here in Ploiesti concerning the ethical and responsible treatment of strays. Thank you dearly, Nancy Janes and RAR, FPCC and Mayhew International, for the first 200 educational booklets to be used in the schools of Ploiesti! This is the first educational program of this kind in Ploiesti, and hopefully a strong beginning for teaching young generations how to treat animals humanely and responsibly. For without education, we really cannot reach that far, despite neutering campaigns and adoptions of local strays. 

The first 200 educational booklets concerning the treatment of animals are here!

It's really education the one that can shift mentalities and truly move mountains. Let's hope for a great beginning with the launch of this first educational program in Ploiesti!

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  1. Alex this is great news!! Your approach is truly magnificant!