Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Babushka update

Babushka is a golden oldie in our care, one truly exceptional, friendly and easy going tiny lady that still has lots of love and energy to give. Babushka (or dearly Babush or Baba as we call her) was abandoned some weeks ago in the streets of Ploiesti. Still wearing her old collar, she just waited and waited and waited for days in the same spot where they dumped her. As if she kept on hoping they'd return for her. Well, they never did.

While waiting in the streets, Babushka also went into heat, and whole packs of males would follow her everywhere, dogs several times her size. She also caught outdoors one severe storm before we managed to secure for her a place in foster care locally, then developed kennel cough followed by pneumonia.

Leaving behind her misfortunes, Babushka is an incredible old lady, always full of energy and happy go lucky, and always glad to be with people and other dogs. She's also brilliant at walking on leash in the park, and she is the utmost lovey dovey lap dog. Because of her very sweet and beautiful personality, we suspect her owner must have passed away, Babushka probably being dumped by her owner's relatives. Otherwise, we cannot imagine why would anyone dispose of a golden dog like Babushka.

Here's Babushka these days, on her way to the vet (by the way, she is also a brilliant patient and accepts calmly her antibiotics injections at the vet). She loves to go for a run and just loves to be taken out for walks:

Babushka has already been spayed, she had her teeth cleaned and her eyes checked. And the vet also gave us good news: Babushka is not even that old, probably in the range of 5-7 years old only. She's still got so much more of her terrific self to give to the world!

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  1. I am so glad you saved her Alex, I hardly recognize her, she looked so sick when you found her, now she is happy and safe. I really hope she will be adopted very soon, she deserves it so much. And who can resist this little sweetie??

    Bianca xxx