Thursday, July 5, 2012

An update of joy and sadness

Such is life. Never perfect. Never perfectly good, never perfectly bad. A thin rope that is never easy, yet with enough joys to still be worth it when you draw the line at the end.

Our update of Piki and her ABCDE tiny puppies is just like that, bitter sweet... Initially, there was an avalanche of good news: many kind people had heard about Piki and her tiny sweethearts and wanted to help. Our friend YuenFan made a surprising donation towards mom and puppies' foster care locally. The first terrific news, we could take them off the streets and place them in safe foster care! Then another friend offered to foster all the puppies in Holland, then a lovely Dutch family offered to adopt Piki the mom. It almost seemed too good to be true.

Unfortunately, after the first puppy distemper-parvo vaccine, the smallest two pups got ill and died extremely fast, despite top care, antibiotics and vitamins. While they had shown no signs of illness at the time of vaccination, the vet concluded that the puppies must have had unactivated parvo virus in their bodies already, and the vaccine ended up activating the virus. We lost the little darlings in no time...

 Rest in peace, dear Annie, the adorable runt of the litter...

Rest in peace, little Beanie, the second smallest pup in the litter...

After weeks of caring for them after rescuing them from tough circumstances, it hurts like hell to lose them, especially now when their future looked so bright in Holland...

Some good news... Cookie (medium female), Danny (biggest boy) and Ellie (biggest female) are fortunately all doing well, eating well and being super playful puppies. Seeing them well is a big consolation to us, although the joy of rescuing them will never possibly be complete after losing sweet Annie and Beanie.

But we have to keep on focusing on the good side, so we can move on. 

 Cookie, the lovely medium sized girl

Danny, the biggest boy

Ellie, the biggest of the girls

Mom Piki, waiting now to go to her wonderful forever home in Holland, where she will be loved despite her handicapped paw. Where she won't be abandoned on the side of the road like she was abandoned by her Romanian owner.

Please pray with us that Cookie, Danny, Ellie and Piki will all be fine, stay strong and healthy, and have long, happy lives full of love in Holland. Because they deserve every bit of it.

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  1. Dear Alex I feel so sorry for you loosing these two puppies despite of all the things you did for them to make sure they would be okay. I know how much you care for all the dogs you help. A big cuddle from Pieter, me and of course Finch whom you helped so much.

    Dear Beanie and Annie rest in peace knowing you were loved very much the last days of your lives.