Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rugby, the over the fence puppy

A recent wake up call: "Hello Alex, somebody threw over the fence last night a little female puppy into our courtyard, she's crying and limping possibly from landing hard on the cement pavement..."

There we go. Romanians' way of exercising for the Olympics. A very popular Romanian sport unfortunately. Throwing little puppies over other people's fences, into other people's courtyards, passing on responsibility to others. Possibly Romania's national sport...

So meet Rugby, the puppy thrown over the fence in Romanian tradition:

 Rugby is about 2 months old and has beautiful greenish-greyish eyes

Rugby has some pretty interesting colors: a black line on the back, but the sides are greyish

Rugby is a pretty cool playful little puppy that right away integrated well with our other abandoned puppies and now spends all day playing with them

I started my day angry at the people that do such deeds in my home country. But then, this little puppy surely has no fault. Just another super duper little abandoned puppy that will need a home soon.

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  1. lovely little dog, wish I could adopt het (to many cats at the moment...) Anneke Andries