Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One motherly soul, or the love of a dog

Once there was a little abandoned girl on the side of the road, full of ticks, hungry and thirsty and, even worse, with an injured leg following a car accident:

Luckily for her, she was found in time and rescued from that dangerous place where she had been abandoned. We called her Princess Sissy because of her beautiful, delicate features.

Meanwhile, in the same town of Ploiesti, there was one marvelously maternal soul called Clara:

While Clara was spayed when she was a teenage dog and never had her own litter of puppies, she has always been brilliant with helping raise abandoned or orphaned puppies:

Clara over the years with some of the litters of unfortunate puppies she has helped raise

Clara was also a surrogate mother for little Princess Sissy, putting up with the puppy's antiques and playful silliness, allowing her to eat first, sleeping one next to another, and so forth.

Months later, Princess Sissy was finally ready to leave Ploiesti and Clara and head over to the terrific foster place waiting for her in Germany:

Teenage Princess Sissy in foster care in Germany

But what was truly outstanding was Clara and Princess Sissy's last day together. They spent a great deal of the morning playing together and lying next to another. And then... The time came for Princess Sissy, now a beautiful recovered teenage puppy, to leave the courtyard she had shared with mother Clara and a few other puppies, and start her journey to Germany. 

As Princess Sissy was walking away with her Romanian fosterer to never come back, leaving the old courtyard and mother Clara behind, Clara started crying, howling, yelping like never before. We had taken Princess Sissy on many walks before and then returned her to Clara, but this time Clara felt it was going to be different and she delivered a harrowing cry. One hour later, despite being surrounded by other puppies in that courtyard, Clara was still howling. She knew. She knew Princess Sissy would never return to her ever again. And for that, she cried and howled and yelped for a long time.

If people still wonder if animals have feelings and whether they can suffer... it's probably because they simply haven't observed them well enough. For the ones that want to see, the truth is there in plain sight, simple and uncomplicated.

The love of a surrogate mother dog, so gentle, pure, true and humbling. 

PS: For the humans that would like to be adopted by the special dog Clara, please contact me at Because she has served her orphaned and abandoned puppies well and long enough. She deserves a most amazing final destination now, as reward for her years of love and care.

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