Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rugby, the over the fence puppy

A recent wake up call: "Hello Alex, somebody threw over the fence last night a little female puppy into our courtyard, she's crying and limping possibly from landing hard on the cement pavement..."

There we go. Romanians' way of exercising for the Olympics. A very popular Romanian sport unfortunately. Throwing little puppies over other people's fences, into other people's courtyards, passing on responsibility to others. Possibly Romania's national sport...

So meet Rugby, the puppy thrown over the fence in Romanian tradition:

 Rugby is about 2 months old and has beautiful greenish-greyish eyes

Rugby has some pretty interesting colors: a black line on the back, but the sides are greyish

Rugby is a pretty cool playful little puppy that right away integrated well with our other abandoned puppies and now spends all day playing with them

I started my day angry at the people that do such deeds in my home country. But then, this little puppy surely has no fault. Just another super duper little abandoned puppy that will need a home soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One motherly soul, or the love of a dog

Once there was a little abandoned girl on the side of the road, full of ticks, hungry and thirsty and, even worse, with an injured leg following a car accident:

Luckily for her, she was found in time and rescued from that dangerous place where she had been abandoned. We called her Princess Sissy because of her beautiful, delicate features.

Meanwhile, in the same town of Ploiesti, there was one marvelously maternal soul called Clara:

While Clara was spayed when she was a teenage dog and never had her own litter of puppies, she has always been brilliant with helping raise abandoned or orphaned puppies:

Clara over the years with some of the litters of unfortunate puppies she has helped raise

Clara was also a surrogate mother for little Princess Sissy, putting up with the puppy's antiques and playful silliness, allowing her to eat first, sleeping one next to another, and so forth.

Months later, Princess Sissy was finally ready to leave Ploiesti and Clara and head over to the terrific foster place waiting for her in Germany:

Teenage Princess Sissy in foster care in Germany

But what was truly outstanding was Clara and Princess Sissy's last day together. They spent a great deal of the morning playing together and lying next to another. And then... The time came for Princess Sissy, now a beautiful recovered teenage puppy, to leave the courtyard she had shared with mother Clara and a few other puppies, and start her journey to Germany. 

As Princess Sissy was walking away with her Romanian fosterer to never come back, leaving the old courtyard and mother Clara behind, Clara started crying, howling, yelping like never before. We had taken Princess Sissy on many walks before and then returned her to Clara, but this time Clara felt it was going to be different and she delivered a harrowing cry. One hour later, despite being surrounded by other puppies in that courtyard, Clara was still howling. She knew. She knew Princess Sissy would never return to her ever again. And for that, she cried and howled and yelped for a long time.

If people still wonder if animals have feelings and whether they can suffer... it's probably because they simply haven't observed them well enough. For the ones that want to see, the truth is there in plain sight, simple and uncomplicated.

The love of a surrogate mother dog, so gentle, pure, true and humbling. 

PS: For the humans that would like to be adopted by the special dog Clara, please contact me at sterilizariploiesti@yahoo.com. Because she has served her orphaned and abandoned puppies well and long enough. She deserves a most amazing final destination now, as reward for her years of love and care.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mia Miau-Miau

Mia is a very sweet, easy and unpretentious cat that we had to rescue from the countryside from a bad case of animal cruelty. Mia has lived for the last year in an old man's courtyard and has literally raised over the long cold winter the little puppy of the family. A very sweet, friendly and maternal cat:

Mia and the puppy would sleep together, keeping each other warm throughout the cold winter, in the puppy's dog house. They ate together, played together and hanged out a lot. We were going to have this cat spayed because this old man, the owner of the dog, was known to have a strong aversion to cats. We were hoping that if we had her spayed, he'd keep her. Unfortunately, around Easter time this cat gave birth in the doggie house. We talked with the old man and promised we'd take care of the kitten and once they'd be old enough, we'd find them homes and also spay the cat asap. A couple of days later, right after Easter (keep in mind this old man thinks of himself a highly religious man...), this man took the newly born kittens and drowned them in the river nearby...

Last week we happened to be around when this cruel old man was throwing logs at Mia, trying to chase her off his property When we got a hold of the cat outside his property, she was having old open wounds on her body. We were informed this old man really could not be talked into letting this cat be, and he had threatened he would not stop until he killed her.

Notice the open wound on the cat's temple; she also had a few other injuries on her body as well

We ended up returning to Ploiesti with this poor cat and now she is in foster care at our place. Her wounds are healing, she's got a great appetite, and is a super duper cat. Unbelievable, after all she's been through (the wounds on the cat's body stand proof of repeated moments of cruelty).

This poor cat all along was trying just to stay with the family dog, the former puppy she had raised and kept warm through the cold winter. She would stay away as best as she could off this man's property, but every once in a while she would return just to be with this doggie. It's truly sad.

She has some open wounds on her neck and some teeth missing, but she's really super duper. She's quiet and very clean, she does not destroy anything, and she is super happy to have company. She talks to you and purrs all the time you are in the room with her (hence her nickname 'Miau-Miau'). She behaves beautifully after all she had to endure from that old man.

She is very unpretentious, she eats really well and absolutely anything, is very clean, she could sleep all day and night, she enjoys people's company a lot and likes to be petted all over her body (especially on the belly, which is really rare for us, as all the cats we know don't allow us to pet their bellies). She lived all her life in the countryside outdoors, but she's doing amazingly well indoors.

Mia was recently spayed as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge (animal number 175) and is doing really well. All she needs now is the loving, responsible owner she would have deserved all along.

Little Angel

Meet Little Angel, a very sweet tiny doggie, highly likely Chihuahua mix. She is about 5-6 months old, very friendly and sweet, and was recently abandoned in Ploiesti. I'd be very surprised if she weighted more than 3 kilos, she's that tiny.

Little Angel, another very sweet tiny doggie abandoned in a parking lot in Ploiesti

Please see for yourself how sweet and friendly Little Angel is

Can you help Little Angel? She is very vulnerable in the streets. Please share for her and help her find the wonderful forever home she so needs and deserves. Thank you!


Babushka is a tiny old female doggie abandoned recently in the streets of Ploiesti. I really hoped she was only lost and not disposed of like garbage, but no one came looking for her. She stays outside on scorching weather on the street where they left her. She walks to every person passing by and wags her tail. But at the end of the day, she is still there... No one came looking for her, no one took her home. The small Romanian version of Hachiko, only that we suspect she was abandoned because she got old, not because anything tragic happened to her owner. She never leaves the street, as if she had faith her owner would return for her there.

Babushka, a golden oldie abandoned by her lifelong owner

Babushka is still a happy energetic girl, despite her old age

Babushka. A tiny doggie that certainly would have deserved much, much better...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

An update of joy and sadness

Such is life. Never perfect. Never perfectly good, never perfectly bad. A thin rope that is never easy, yet with enough joys to still be worth it when you draw the line at the end.

Our update of Piki and her ABCDE tiny puppies is just like that, bitter sweet... Initially, there was an avalanche of good news: many kind people had heard about Piki and her tiny sweethearts and wanted to help. Our friend YuenFan made a surprising donation towards mom and puppies' foster care locally. The first terrific news, we could take them off the streets and place them in safe foster care! Then another friend offered to foster all the puppies in Holland, then a lovely Dutch family offered to adopt Piki the mom. It almost seemed too good to be true.

Unfortunately, after the first puppy distemper-parvo vaccine, the smallest two pups got ill and died extremely fast, despite top care, antibiotics and vitamins. While they had shown no signs of illness at the time of vaccination, the vet concluded that the puppies must have had unactivated parvo virus in their bodies already, and the vaccine ended up activating the virus. We lost the little darlings in no time...

 Rest in peace, dear Annie, the adorable runt of the litter...

Rest in peace, little Beanie, the second smallest pup in the litter...

After weeks of caring for them after rescuing them from tough circumstances, it hurts like hell to lose them, especially now when their future looked so bright in Holland...

Some good news... Cookie (medium female), Danny (biggest boy) and Ellie (biggest female) are fortunately all doing well, eating well and being super playful puppies. Seeing them well is a big consolation to us, although the joy of rescuing them will never possibly be complete after losing sweet Annie and Beanie.

But we have to keep on focusing on the good side, so we can move on. 

 Cookie, the lovely medium sized girl

Danny, the biggest boy

Ellie, the biggest of the girls

Mom Piki, waiting now to go to her wonderful forever home in Holland, where she will be loved despite her handicapped paw. Where she won't be abandoned on the side of the road like she was abandoned by her Romanian owner.

Please pray with us that Cookie, Danny, Ellie and Piki will all be fine, stay strong and healthy, and have long, happy lives full of love in Holland. Because they deserve every bit of it.