Friday, June 29, 2012

Three little survivors in need of homes

On May 29th we found a new litter of abandoned puppies in Ploiesti... Three little girls and one sweet boy:

School kids had improvised some sort of shelter for these little guys to keep them safe from the rain. Children also fed them daily with their lunch leftovers and played with the little ones. We were really impressed. When we tried to take the pups in foster care, the children begged us not to, and we simply felt like we could not break their young hearts. Unfortunately, we should not have listened to the kids pleading with us to leave the puppies there. Only days later, the little boy ran into traffic and was killed instantly...

 Rest in peace, little one...

That did it. The other puppies really had to be saved and taken into safe foster care. We caught a time when the puppies were alone and we took them to safety.

Weeks later, and the 3 surviving girls are doing really well in foster care. They are about 3,5 months old, healthy, energetic puppies waiting for their forever homes. Here they are today:

World, meet Cici now. She was ill for weeks, but she pulled through under the terrific care of my friend Gabriela. Cici is now a healthy and happy puppy

Tera, frolicking around and being super playful. She is the heart of the doggie party in my friend's foster care.

Tora Tora, being everyone's sweetheart and stealing hearts around

They are 3 surviving pups that did not ask to be born and be abandoned like they were. They've come a long way, being in the care of wonderful school children who unfortunately could not keep them all safe from nearby traffic, and currently in foster care at my friend's place. They are healthy, beautiful, funny, loving, playful puppies. Now they only need forever homes.

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  1. Poor little male pup. But the childrens hearts were in the right place. I wish I could help in the forever home. But I live in America. I will share this for as long as you need. xoxox