Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 7 by RAR

On June 20th we held Day 7 of sterilizations part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. Day 7 was offered by the RAR vet team, courtesy of Romania Animal Rescue and SterilizeDogs NL. A total of 39 animals were sterilized, which raises the total number of sterilizations performed in our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge up to 174!

 2 beautiful ladies waiting their turn to be sterilized on Day 7

Dr A and Dr Pepe with 2 of the 39 animals sterilized on Day 7

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Romania Animal Rescue and SterilizeDogs NL, Dr A and Dr Pepe, Nancy, Maria and Jacqueline for their commitment to help the Ploiesti strays. Thank you for the beautiful difference you're making, thank you for all the suffering you're preventing through sterilizations! I would also like to thank donor friends like Marjolein who donated to Romania Animal Rescue specifically for Ploiesti sterilizations. A great other way to support our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge is to support Romania Animal Rescue and SterilizeDogs NL so they can continue to help us with sterilizations.

Thank you all for caring about these beautiful innocent souls from Ploiesti!

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