Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 5- by RAR!

May 29th was a beautiful dream full of hope for us: Nancy Janes and the RAR team, together with Maria Forro from SterilizeDogs, held a sterilization day dedicated to the Ploiesti strays. A total of 35 local animals (28 dogs and 7 cats) benefited from free sterilizations, courtesy of RAR and SterilizeDogs.

Looking back, I realize several great things happened on May 29th. First off, 35 animals were sterilized in a town where sterilizations are in dire need; and surgeries were of top quality, being performed by the highly experienced and conscientious RAR vet team. But what is all the more amazing is that Nancy and Maria honored us with their presence during the sterilization day in Ploiesti. It was humbling to see them working all day in the animal recovery area, constantly monitoring recovering animals and making sure all animals were doing well. It was a long day that involved a lot of cleaning up, carrying, lifting and getting dirty for all the ones involved, but we were all united by a joint feeling of doing something good for the animals. At the end of the day, the feeling was absolutely amazing.

Animals recovering post surgery

Rocco, a local stray dog, held by Nancy Janes during the recovery post surgery. One super lucky doggie held by an exceptional guardian of Romanian strays

Maria from SterilizeDogs, holding one female dog spayed by the RAR veterinary team on May 29th

Sterilizations were of top quality, the animals recovering easily post surgery, able to leave the clinic on their own feet (well, paws)

On May 29th, the RAR team sterilized 35 Ploiesti animals. There were people and organizations from USA and Holland that came together at Ploiesti and made this happen. Their presence here gave me hope and helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. One day, with their support, the suffering of the Ploiesti strays will subside. With massive ongoing sterilization campaigns, one day, there will be no more puppies born to be abandoned again in Ploiesti. The May 29th sterilization event gave me hope that day will come.


  1. We will see you again next month Alex!!! 50 spays/neuters!

  2. Alex, you are great! So nice to see all the dogs under the blanket! That shows, they are all your babies! Go on, Alex!

  3. It is really amazing that so many young animals did not have to suffer! I am so happy to read that this has been prevented due to great persons and organizations working together. Superb!! I hope many animals will follow.

    Due to you Alex one day Ploiesti will be a real example how this problem can be solved :-)! I keep on telling you how I admire you :-)!