Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Day 4!

On May 28th off we started our Day 4 of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge! We drove the FPCC van to the Boldesti-Scaeni village near Ploiesti and met with the lovely old man who could not afford to have his female dog sterilized at the Bucov shelter some weeks ago. Day 4 was dedicated to him, so we filled up the van with animals to be sterilized from his village. Because such mighty, kind, responsible people must by all means be encouraged and supported.

 The lovely old man with his little female dog, the ones who inspired Day 4 of our Neutering Challenge. On Day 4 we sterilized his female dog and her daughters, and neighbors' female dogs and cats.

Three of the 18 animals neutered on Day 4 of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. These 3 pretty ladies are grandma, mother and daughter from the same courtyard, and they would have kept on multiplying in their owners' courtyard, had they not been spayed on Day 4

Two days later, on May 30th, we returned the 18 animals (15 dogs and 3 cats) back to their owners from the old man's village. As always, people and doggies were super happy to be reunited:

It is my belief that many locals DO want to have their animals sterilized, but they simply cannot afford to pay for the surgery. Despite their best intentions and sense of responsibility. So Day 4 was dedicated to such lovely people, who genuinely love and care for their animals, and certainly do not want to contribute to the stray animal overpopulation by abandoning unwanted puppies. They simply want to have their animals sterilized. And we were there to help them!

The wonderful donors that made Day 4 possible are: Margarethe, Susann, Holly, Steffie and Christian, Christian M, Chrissy, Claudia, Yuen-Fan, Ulrike, Christina and Anja, sponsors from all over the world who opened their hearts to the need of sterilizations in the old man's village. I am honored and happy to pass on to them the many thanks from the villagers who benefited from Day 4 and their beloved sterilized animals.


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