Sunday, June 17, 2012

A pledge

I set forth a pledge. Since the need of sterilizations is so great in Ploiesti, from now on, the adoption fees of animals adopted via Romanian Stray Dogs of Ploiesti will go back to helping animals within the Ploiesti community with more sterilizations. That is, the money coming from each adoption will go directly for more sterilizations as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. One lucky doggie rescued and adopted in a wonderful family, more animals sterilized in Ploiesti, less puppies born to a miserable life in the streets. A win-win situation for both the lucky adopted pooches and for the animals remaining in the streets.

Please feel free to browse through our animals for adoption. You may fall in love and adopt, which in turn will generate more much needed sterilizations for the Ploiesti strays. Below, some local darlings that are waiting to go home:

 Fattie, being her usual lazy self and waiting for a like-minded laid-back, chill owner

 Albi, a teenage pup, waiting to be cuddled by her forever owners

Daughter 2 from our Family of little angels, waiting to become some human family's little spoiled daughter

They truly deserve to go home. And by them going home, more doggies will be helped in Ploiesti with sterilizations. By adopting, fostering, or helping find a home for one of our animals, you will really be helping many more Ploiesti animals with sterilizations also. Please, help them!

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  1. Alex, your doggies are really special! The first you can use as a neckroll, the second could run on a catwalk and the third just for fun (with these ears and a pig-tail)! If I could take one, the decision would be very hard! Hugs to all! And to you, Alex, for taking care. Anja