Sunday, June 17, 2012

Piki and her ABCDE...

Piki is a tiny female dog recently abandoned with her 5 puppies on the side of the road. Given her very tame and friendly nature, we can assume she's yet another female dog abandoned by her owners after becoming a mom. A very sad, but typical Romanian story.

My friend Gabriela happened to find Piki and her 5 puppies on the side of the road, and rescue them just in time. The people in that village threatened to kill the dogs, so Gabriela simply had to rescue them and bring them to safety.

 Piki, yet another recently abandoned mom on the side of the road. She is incredibly friendly, despite her very sad situation

Piki with her 5 little puppies

What's all the more sad is that Piki is also handicapped, missing a part of her left front paw. Her owner not only failed to have her spayed and abandoned her with her puppies on the side of the road in a village with unkind people, but he also failed to care for her properly as her broken little body can testify.

And here are the 5 tiny angels, mouse-sized, abandoned on the side of the road with Piki. They are also friendly and sweet, and with insatiable appetites. They still suckle milk from Piki, but also eat solid food.

We called the puppies ABCDE, as follows:
A- Annie- girl
B- Beanie- boy
C- Cookie- girl
D- Danny- boy
E- Ellie- girl

Piki and her ABCDE pups will need homes shortly... Could you help them, please?


  1. Buna! cunosc pe cineva care e in cautare de un catelus, dar noi nu locuim in Romania si ma e procedura si cat ar costa? (noi locuim in Olanda) Laura

  2. Buna seara! Ma puteti contacta la

    Colaboram cu 2 organizatii din Olanda care ne ajuta cu adoptiile acolo. Sunt niste persoane deosebite. SterilizeDogs si Help4Strays. Ne mai ajuta si niste persoane private. Putem vorbi mai mult prin email. Multumim ca ne-ati scris!

  3. I look forward to welcome them in fostercare. I am sure we can find them lovable responsible homes.

  4. Piki's new name will be Sorina