Friday, May 4, 2012

Stunning beauties- former Ploiesti strays!

It is breathtaking to see such pictures of some of my dear former Ploiesti strays- animals that are now wonderful companion animals living a dream life in Germany and Holland. God bless them and their wonderful families who opened their hearts and homes to these sweethearts, helping them flourish and become the happy dogs they are today:

Tigger from Holland still thinks she can fit in the cat seat!

Nikita is a German diva!

Finchie the former escape artist awes with his charming looks and intelligence in Holland

Blanca in Holland barely remembers the hard life she had in a tough neighborhood of Ploiesti

Terry the intellectual likes to read his Dutch newspapers

Liublia shows her beautiful colours and Romanian pride at a Romanian Stray Dog animal walk in Holland

Snowy stuns with her white beauty in Holland

Some of these dogs were for months in our foster care, some needed treatment for conditions like scabies, some faced the very hard 2011-2012 Romanian winter outside in the cold... But what matters is the present: amazingly beautiful and loving companion animals living the wonderful life their deserve, brightening the days of their owners, and being ambassadors of the Ploiesti strays abroad!

Do you think you could create such a miracle for yet another Ploiesti stray?


  1. Fantastic and touching presentation and explaination of the world these sweet dogs came from and the world there s been created for them... enjoying life now.. <3 Thank You
    Greets Renate Feringa

  2. <3 All of them are beautiful,it just that WE have to SEE THEM in our hearts <3

  3. Alex I am so happy to see all these beautiful dogs living a fantastic life! I can recommend adopting a dog from Ploiesti to everybody! Finchie has brought so much joy to our life!

    Alex I am so happy that you made this possible for all these beauties! You are doing an amizing job for all the strays in Ploiesti.


    Ulrike, Pieter, Finchie, Daya and Bass

  4. Wonderful to see all these happy dogs!
    I hope there will be more straydogs from Ploiesti who will have this chance. And you can help!!

    When you would like to be a foster for one of the dogs from Alex, and save him/her from the street and the dog catchers please contact me and we will find a wonderful and lovely home for them in Holland!!

    Contact: or contact Alex, the angel for all Ploiesti dogs!!!!