Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ploiesti Neutering Challenge Update

I have launched the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge on March 30th and I was overwhelmed by the amazing response and support received from friends from everywhere. People who cared about my dream of no more suffering strays in my hometown of Ploiesti, friends of animals who wanted to help and become part of this dream. Together, on April 9th, we made the first step towards our dream. Twenty-one female dogs and 2 cats were the first animals benefiting from this campaign funded entirely from donations. On behalf of the 23 animals neutered, I give my deepest thanks to Nancy Janes and the organization Romania Animal Rescue, Claudia and Volker, Trudy, Susann, Linda, Jacqueline, Lilli, Billie, Birgit, Catharina, Andrea, Chrissy, Bringfriede and Tobias- the wonderful people that  sponsored these first 23 sterilizations as part of our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge.

So let's see how things went on Day 1 of our Neutering Challenge! In the morning of April 9th I met with the FPCC team and together we drove throughout the town, meeting with local rescuers and picking up entire female animals from their neighborhoods. The local rescuers were extremely happy and grateful to see us. People don't want animals living and suffering in the streets anymore, and are aware that such neutering campaigns are key to stopping the animal overpopulation problem in a humane, responsible and educated manner. It was such people that met us on Day 1 and helped us catch the dogs gently by hand so the animals would be as little stressed as possible.

 The first female loaded up in the van in the morning!

More female dogs picked up from several parts of Ploiesti

 The 23 animals were taken to the FPCC clinic for spaying and post surgery care, and were brought back into their territories two days later. Here are some pictures from the return day:

 Animals received ear tags with the FPCC inscription as sign that they have been spayed

Animals and local residents were happily reunited, people waiting for the dogs with food and water

The female dogs from The Family of Little Angels also benefited from this campaign

The surgeries were of very good quality, the incisions being tiny as you can see in this image

All animals were in great condition when returned in their territories, appearing fully recovered after the spaying surgery.

I truly hope that this is only the beginning of something truly big, only the first in a systematic series of neutering campaigns, until no more puppies will be born to suffer. Because stories like Lazarika's siblings should not happen anymore.

You can follow the ongoing Ploiesti Neutering Challenge on Facebook at this link and become part of this campaign! 

You can only achieve as much as you allow yourself to dream. My dream of a world with no more suffering abandoned strays is very big and ambitious, but this Day 1 from the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge has already made a difference for the dogs of Ploiesti. We can only hope for many more such days to come for the dogs of Ploiesti. If you want to help, please donate so that more sterilizations can happen:

Thank you!


  1. Alex, the world really is a better place with people like you that follow their dreams and ambitions
    I am so thrilled your challenge is allready such a succes and the impact it has because 23 animals stand for a whole lot of offspring that will not live in misery
    Thank you Alex for sharing your dreams with us x

  2. Wonderful work Alex!!!!!