Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One sad little doggie: Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is a young male dog of around 6-8 months of age that only days ago used to have owners. Not anymore. His family recently moved, leaving Scooby Doo behind and all alone in the courtyard of their former home. They said they simply could not take Scooby Doo with them...

So meet Scooby Doo, one sad little doggie that former owners left behind:

Scooby Doo is by all means one really cool little doggie. He is not too energetic but he is friendly even with children (his former family had a 5-6 year old very active child that loved Scooby Doo and used to play with him a lot).

I go feed him now daily in his abandoned courtyard where he is always alone, but always so happy to see me. He is so happy that food comes second, my affection being more important to this little guy.

Scooby is also one beautiful and interesting looking doggie. He is short like a small sized dog, but long like a medium sized dog. And with a beautiful white and black pattern on his face.

Scooby Doo goofying around in the messy courtyard where his owners left him behind

Tonight I found this little guy quite sad and not with a big appetite. Loneliness gets to everyone in the end. I can only hope and wish that very soon, Scooby Doo will never be alone again, having the wonderful forever owner he deserves!


  1. oh, this is so heartbreaking. I wish I could do something for this lonely darling. But I already own 3 dogs and have 3 foster dogs (2 from spain and 1 from bukarest, romania.) Iḿ so glad, that you take care of him and give him love and food. If more people would have a good heart like you, the world would be a better place, for doggies and mankind. God bless you.<3

  2. Scooby is doing well living in the yard of a former owner's friend