Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meet a family of little angels

A tiny mom and her three teenage puppies... Initially they were left in an abandoned courtyard by their owner who did not bother much about bringing them food and water. Luckily, kind hearted neighbors would feed and interact with them daily. They are all very small (in the range of 5-7 kilos), very friendly and absolutely beautiful:

From left to right: son, mom, daughter 1, daughter 2

Daughter 1

 Daughter 2, son

Daughter 1, daughter 2, son

It seems that recently the owner decided he did not want them anymore, so he simply kicked them out of the abandoned courtyard into the street. It was in the street where we found them during the first day of the Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. The least we could do for them was to take the mother and her two daughters to have them spayed as part of this campaign.

These little angels also need a home. 

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  1. Oh Daughter nr 1, I am in love with you, wish I could have you as my daughter :-)