Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lazarika, one miraculous rescue puppy

I have just returned home from abroad by car. We were almost home in Ploiesti, when we were hit with the one of the saddest sights we have ever seen: in the middle of a national road full of speeding cars, a little puppy staying next to his dead siblings just recently hit and killed in the traffic. The little thing would just stay there by his dead siblings, smelling them and looking lost and not knowing what to do. Their mother, on the other side of the road, unable to make it to her puppies because of the heavy traffic. And cars that kept on coming and going at high speed.

It was a miracle the little guy did not get killed in traffic until we stopped the car and arrived near him. Since he was found alive among his dead siblings, and today is St Lazarus Saturday in the Christian Orthodox tradition, we have decided to call him Lazarika. So meet Lazarika, one miraculous rescue found among the dead, and just in time:

Lazarika was skin and bones when we found him, extremely hungry and dehydrated, full of fleas and ticks, but ALIVE among his dead siblings in a highly trafficked area

As a last sign of respect for the little dead puppies, we took their dead bodies off the road and put them nearby in the grass, so they would not be run over again and again by the heavy traffic. They did not deserve that. The mother unfortunately took off in the woods and we were unable to find and rescue her also. But little Lazarika, the miraculous rescue, is now well and in foster care in Ploiesti. He got right away a flea bath and was dewormed, and has to be fed very well and often because he is skin and bones.

Lazarika is skin and bones. You can feel every bone of his little body, but he is alive and rescued

As a side note, the irony of fate is that little Lazarika was the smallest among his siblings- the dead puppies looked bigger and fatter than him. He may have been the little, unlucky puppy in the family all along, never getting enough food and pushed aside from food resources by his stronger siblings. But yesterday, it was Lazarika who had the ultimate luck, being the only survivor. 

 Very soon, Lazarika the miracuous rescue puppy will need a home

I wish the case of Lazarika and his dead brothers would only be one very unfortunate exception. The truth is that this is often the case of how puppies born to stray mothers, or puppies abandoned by their owners on the side of the road, end up. All too often, this is what happens...

In memory of Lazarika's brothers, and the countless puppies who share this fate, please consider donating to our Ploiesti Neutering Challenge. So no more puppies would be born to suffer and end up like this!

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