Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The gift that keeps on giving

Miracles do happen for the Ploiesti strays and rescuers! I am very happy to announce that I have recently returned from abroad with almost a quarter of a ton of aid supplies donated for the Ploiesti strays by DogCare Romania! The super generous gift consisted of good quality dog and cat food, but also blankets and doggie beds:

The extremely generous gift from DogCare Romania for the Ploiesti strays!

  Being grateful is too little to say for how I feel towards DogCare Romania and the beautiful people that have made this possible. It was the first time I have received any aid supplies, and the quality and quantity of this aid was truly impressive. 

I wanted this aid to make it really far, helping as many animals as possible. Therefore, I have shared it with over 15 local rescuers, people who, just like me, have never received any help, and have always pursued rescue work out of their own pockets. Modest people with very big hearts, people who probably spend more for the needy strays than for themselves. People who probably never think how great their work is in the service of stray animals. Well, I wanted to share this aid with them precisely because I wanted them to know how appreciated their care for stray animals is. 

Thank you, DogCare Romania, for a wonderful gift that made it really far, branching out and helping many rescuers and needy animals!

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