Friday, March 30, 2012

The Ploiesti Neutering Challenge

A challenge within your reach!

I have a vision. I dream of a world with no more homeless animals, no more abandoned puppies dumped in the street like worthless garbage, no more ill or injured street dogs suffering in silence. A world with no more squashed puppies on the roads, no more violent deaths in state-owned pounds, no more brutal dog catching acts. My corner of the world is Ploiesti, Romania, and I dare to believe in such a world here.

I want to reach out to you and ask you for your help. I want to raise funds for an ongoing neutering campaign in Ploiesti. A desperately needed neutering campaign for the humane and responsible control of the local stray dog population. Because:

- we have thousands of entire stray and owned animals that keep on multiplying and most often the lives of the puppies are heartbreaking

- life is exceptionally hard for entire animals: females in season are assaulted by entire packs of males; and the males often become aggressive to each other, sometimes the injuries being horrific

- spaying and neutering is the only proven method that truly works in controlling the stray animal population, apart from being the most humane.

I am writing this plea as we approach April 4th, Stray Animals’ Day. A day that hopefully many people will celebrate this year with acts of kindness for the less fortunate animals that did not have the chance to become someone’s beloved pets. A day that hopefully, in the future, will not have to be celebrated at all.

But in order to get there, I truly need your support. How many animals do you hope to help this year? One animal? Two or three? How about 67,000? Believe it or not, one entire female and her offspring can leave behind 67,000 puppies in 6 years! By helping me spay one female dog, you really are helping 67,000 souls from having to be born to suffer.

Never underestimate your own power to help and make an impactful difference. One spay/neuter surgery costs 90 RON = 27.5 USD = 20.70 EUR = 17.10 GBP. I bet you never dreamed that your lunch money could ever help as many as 67,000 souls. Well, YOU can make that difference, and my dream of a world with no more suffering strays is within YOUR reach. So please, do help me help them!

Because no more pups should be born to suffer and be abandoned again.

How many animals will you help this year?

In memory of the sweetest abandoned female puppy that shared the destiny of many abandoned puppies in Ploiesti, ending under the wheels of a speeding car. In your memory, sweet angel, so no more puppies will be born to end up like you!

An ill and entire female dog in the streets of Ploiesti that, until recently, could mate and multiply, also passing on her disease to her puppies, because no one had her spayed

The kindest cut. That's how small the spay surgery is, and can prevent 67,000 puppies being born over the span of 6 years by this female and her offspring. I would call this a miraculous cut, cutting the root of all problems, so no more puppies would be born to suffer. Please help me make this true miracle happen!

If you want to hear more information about a previous neutering campaign in Ploiesti and its incredible results, please read about RAR's campaign in November!

If you can help me make this possible (I hope you will consider helping even a little bit), please donate at the following chip in:

Alternatively, you can find the chip in link here:

You can also donate directly through PayPal for:

Little by little, we can do this. It is a challenge within our reach!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Lavinia is a very sweet, happy go lucky female puppy of approx. 4.5 months of age. She has an owner, but not for long. Unfortunately her owner is going to leave the country soon, leaving Lavinia behind:

 Lavinia will soon become homeless if she cannot find a new home

Lavinia will need a new owner really soon. Judging by her current size, she is going to be a medium sized dog when fully grown.


Meet Carina, a very sweet female puppy abandoned recently in the streets of Ploiesti. We found her all alone, without her mommy or any other siblings.

Carina is around 2 months old. She is very friendly with both people and dogs and enjoys every bit of attention she can get. Judging by her current size, I think she is going to be a small to medium sized dog when fully grown.

Carina, happy to jump in my lap for a cuddle

A very sweet puppy that will soon need a forever home. Like many, many other puppies in the streets of Ploiesti.

My dream is of a world in which no puppy would ever be born to be abandoned again. Until we get there... Carina needs a home.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The gift that keeps on giving

Miracles do happen for the Ploiesti strays and rescuers! I am very happy to announce that I have recently returned from abroad with almost a quarter of a ton of aid supplies donated for the Ploiesti strays by DogCare Romania! The super generous gift consisted of good quality dog and cat food, but also blankets and doggie beds:

The extremely generous gift from DogCare Romania for the Ploiesti strays!

  Being grateful is too little to say for how I feel towards DogCare Romania and the beautiful people that have made this possible. It was the first time I have received any aid supplies, and the quality and quantity of this aid was truly impressive. 

I wanted this aid to make it really far, helping as many animals as possible. Therefore, I have shared it with over 15 local rescuers, people who, just like me, have never received any help, and have always pursued rescue work out of their own pockets. Modest people with very big hearts, people who probably spend more for the needy strays than for themselves. People who probably never think how great their work is in the service of stray animals. Well, I wanted to share this aid with them precisely because I wanted them to know how appreciated their care for stray animals is. 

Thank you, DogCare Romania, for a wonderful gift that made it really far, branching out and helping many rescuers and needy animals!