Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Remember Snowy? The little puppy in hypothermia we have rescued from snow bigger than her on the streets of Ploiesti? 

Sweet little Snowy is still looking for an owner and her forever home. Snowy is currently in foster care at my place, growing and becoming a super happy and well socialized puppy by the day. Here's this little white angel's typical daily schedule in images:

 Snowy playing

 More play!

 Resting a bit after so much play


 Being lazy

 More sleep, yay!

 And then more play!

Followed by even more play!

And then a nice walkie among the piles of snow where she was found

 Snowy is doing really well with house training, currently doing her business mostly outdoors on our walks, or on the balcony. She learned this really fast with the aid of positive reinforcement- biscuits for each pee and poo in the right place.

 Snowy will be able to go to her forever home soon!

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  1. What a fantastic little girl, thank you for saving her. I will share