Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Snowy Story

Meet Snowy, the world's smallest polar bear! Well, not really, but as close as you'll get to a polar bear lookalike in Romania:

Snowy was found a few days ago by my family: a recently abandoned puppy in our neighborhood, wet to the bone from all the rain combined with snow, with water that had turned into icy particles covering her fur. She was crying, trembling with cold and trying to follow any human being, really. Such a small, wet puppy of 2-3 months of age, all alone on freezing cold temperatures would not have survived one more night in the streets.

My family took her in right away- and she spent the first 3 hours still shaking in a warm towel next to the heating unit. But then, little by little, she started to open up. She started to eat a bit, to play with the toys she found around, and challenge our dogs to play. She even got her first ever flea bath, and her coat turned from white to snow white:

 Can you spot Snowy in the image above? Here she is on a walk in the neighborhood where she was found in terrible condition only days ago

A few days later after being found, and Snowy is a happy puppy full of spunk and desire to play and explore. She's also really smart- she has learned very fast to do her business outside on our walks or on the newspaper in the balcony. Such a small puppy learning really fast!

Now Snowy, our little polar bear, only needs a good loving forever home. That's all she asks for. Given what she has been through, she truly deserves the comfort of a good home- having to put up with the terrible winter cold only during pleasant walks alongside her very own loving owner.

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  1. ce scumpica este !!!! sper sa-i gasesti o casa calduroasa si o familie care s-o iubeasca !!!!!