Saturday, February 4, 2012

One lucky puppy: Smokey

It's not always easy to be an animal rescuer. In fact, it's more often heartbreaking than good, but when it's good, it's really priceless. Such is the case of Smokey, a puppy we found emaciated, recently hit by a car, and exceptionally dirty and full of fleas at the beginning of December. Please read Smokey's story here.

After 2 months in our foster care in Romania, Smokey started off to a new life in Holland. Please see below Smokey's first steps in Holland, surrounded by doggie and human friends:

 It was hard, but when a dog goes from this in Romania...

... to this in Holland...
... then it's all really worth it.

Thank you, Romanian and Dutch friends who have helped Smokey!

God bless you, little guy!


  1. Alex how sweet!! Smokey was lucky to have you in his life! I am so happy that he found such a terrific home.



  2. Smokey loves his new live in holland(always running around busy) and will travel to Romania this summer to try and help the friends he left behind.he is one sweet soul!!