Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nikki and Pedro

Dear friends,

I am going to describe some of the doggies that need help the most during this exceptionally harsh Romanian winter. But first I want to stress that these are, first and foremost, really good doggies. Doggies that ought to be rescued not just out of pity, but because they have great temperaments and have the potential to be truly great companion animals. When a dog is so good like these 2 guys I am about to present, of course I'm going to fight for them!

Pedro (Male, Medium) and Nikki (Female, Small) put up with the cold winter in cardboard boxes outside in the cold. However, only days ago some ill-intended person burned down some of their boxes, so now Pedro and Nikki and the rest of their pack use the few remaining boxes left.

Nikki with her friends in the fall

Pedro happily wagging his tail at me in the fall

Nikki and Pedro seeking shelter from the weather these past few days

 Nikki in her cardboard box- what came closest to a home for her

Nikki is a small pretty lady and a very easy dog

Pedro among piles of snow, coming to greet me

 Here is more information about them:

Pedro- Boy, neutered, 3-4 years old, Medium sized- about 20-22 kilos heavy; white with orange spots. He loves affection. Sometimes when I am surrounded by the members of his pack, he will start barking for my attention. He also "talks" to people- something in the lines of a cat purr, especially when he gets petted and really enjoys your attention. He's a lovey dovey doggie. Lazy big time. His favourite activity is sleeping, followed by being affectionate and loving. He is also an amazing pack leader- I have never seen him engaging in acts of aggression against the members of the pack, he is simply a laid back leader that the others like and respect. When another dog occupies his cardboard box, he just starts barking as if telling the other "Heeeey, you've taken my box, give it back now!" But that's all he does, really. He's an exceptionally gentle and laid back leader of his little pack.

Nikki/Meat Loaf- Girl, around 3 years old, spayed, Small size,10-12 kilos heavy; black back, with brown legs and tail. She's very affectionate and laid back, both with people and other dogs. An overall easy dog. She also makes people chuckle because she has a funny appearance, and she also lifts her leg while peeing! One funny little doggie. About 2 years ago she suffered from a broken pelvis following a car accident. But she has recovered very well thanks to the care of a wonderful lady and now she is a happy go lucky dog. People thought 2 years ago that she'd remain paralyzed after the accident, but the caring lady did not give up on her and would take her on walks supporting the lower part of Nikki's body with a scarf. Neighbors were truly surprised to see that the good work of this caring lady, plus the will and ability to recover of this little girl, made her walk again. Today she walks perfectly fine, being fully recovered. She'd be a great companion animal, being an easy dog to handle. She is small, spayed, and not very energetic, being a bit overweight. Because she is a bit overweight, her walking/running looks like a bouncing ball!

Like their pack member, Whitey, that is now enjoying a happy life in Holland as a beloved family pet, these 2 doggies also have the potential to become somebody's dream dogs. They would also need little to moderate levels of exercise, and their short fur does not need extensive care. They are well socialized, people-loving dogs.

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