Tuesday, February 14, 2012


"Ya lublu tibia" means "I love you" in Russian (that's all the Russian I know, but it covers the basics!), and for this young lady I am about to present, a name symbolizing love seemed to be the most appropriate. I called her Liublia in the end - from the Russian "lublu" for "love". A beautiful name with a beautiful meaning for a beautiful girl! And to make things easier for the ones finding it hard to call her name, we also added "Lily" as her second name. Hence, meet Liublia-Lily:

I found Liublia one morning in a neighborhood of Ploiesti during the RAR-sponsored, FPCC-performed sterilization campaign of 100 stray dogs in Ploiesti. It was hard to miss her- right there in the street, this older puppy ran straight to me, tail wagging, for some petting and maybe some food. I held her in my arms and put her in the van to be taken to the clinic for spaying without a problem. Our first meeting was truly beautiful and I kept on thinking of this exhilarating, very friendly girl and what a great companion animal she could be. After a while, I went back for her.

We ended up taking Liublia in foster care in a private yard, where she still waits for her forever home. Two months ago we noticed she suffered from a beginning of scabies. Caught early and treated right away, it healed fast and well, and now Liublia is a healthy girl with nothing to remind of her past disease.

Liublia back in December in foster care, an exceptionally beautiful and playful young girl

I had no problem taking her on lead to the vet - her first time on lead and she did incredibly well.

She is exceptionally friendly and loving: tail wagging constantly, or trying to "hug" my arm or leg with her front paws, giving me kisses, play bowing or springing in the air around me. 

Since in foster care, with adequate food and vitamin supplements, after healing from scabies, Liublia has put on weight and is a very healthy and happy doggie. This is Liublia today, among piles of snow in the courtyard where she is fostered:

 Always happy to see us

Spending some good quality time with Liublia today

 Girlfriend Clara (left) and Liublia (right)

So far Liublia was an unlucky girl. She was supposed to go in foster care in Holland, but the fosterers' own dog got ill and they were unable to foster Liublia anymore. So she has spent the entire winter in foster care in Romania in a courtyard, out in the cold, waiting...

 Liublia's dog house yesterday, covered up in snow after only one day of intense snowing

Liublia is a young female dog of about 10-12 months of age now. She is spayed, super friendly and playful, small to medium-sized. She is an energetic young doggie that would need a decent amount of exercise. But an exceptionally good dog that could become somebody's dream doggie given her beautiful nature. 


  1. why that poor dog is keep outside in the snow?!!?!

  2. We don't have anywhere else to foster her but in that courtyard where at least she has a dog house, space, companionship, and gets care and plenty of food. It's the best we can do for her at the moment while she's waiting for her forever home.

  3. lol if you care about why that dog is outside in the snow, I would only have to assume that now the anonymous person is now the owner of the dog now and has the dog kept warm inside every winter?