Monday, February 13, 2012

Desperate cry of help in snow

Dear friends,

I don't like to appeal to emotions and make things look desperate in order to get help, but this is a situation when things are indeed really bad and the dogs really need your help.

Romania has been hit again by mountains of snow since last night. Here's a video and you can see rural areas not far from Ploiesti that have been hit by snow really badly. By today, 74 people have died in Romania due to this harsh winter. Here's a news report from days ago. You can see snow as big as the houses, people walking on the roofs of their homes:

There was even a dog shelter in a village called Lehliu in the county of Calarasi where the roof fell over the dogs under the pressure of too much snow. All dogs were safe though, no dog died in this accident, luckily enough!

Personally, this is the hardest winter I have ever seen in Romania, USA, or Scotland- and all the places where I've lived had decent amounts of snow, but nothing compares to the amount of snow I am seeing this winter in Romania and in my town of Ploiesti.

As you can imagine, street dogs take a big toll on such a weather.

Today I went outside with a shovel and dug the snow so the stray dogs we care for can go out of their shelters and back in again- they would have been covered in snow soon. Plus release the roofs of their shelters of snow- there was at least a good 50 cm on their improvised shelters and I was worried the roof would collapse over the dogs eventually. I dug for one hour, but in a couple of hours we have to go back for more digging, because the snow falls in heaps continuously. In 2 hours only, according to my dad, approx. 10 cm of snow have set. Since last night when massive snowing started again, we've probably got at least 60 extra cm of snow. Traffic is close to dead in town- from public transportation like trams and buses, to small personal cars.

 Puppies Nikita and Tigger in the fall of 2011, in the enclosure we had built for them

The same enclosure on February 13th, 2012

An improvised shelter for street animals- we had to dig through the snow to gain access to them on February 13th 2012

Liublia in December in foster care

Liublia's dog house on February 13th 2012

 Nikki in fall of 2011

Pedro in fall of 2011

Nikki and Pedro on February 13th 2012 in their improvised shelters

Things are exceptionally bad right now. While I am first and foremost for spaying and neutering, these days what dogs need the most is to be taken out of this disastrous situation and found a dry warm shelter.

I am not a big fan of appealing to people's emotions, I much prefer to appeal to people's intellect in an honest, unexaggerated manner. The truth is that this is by far the hardest winter I have ever seen in my life, and the dogs out there in the street are the most vulnerable. Right now, they need help more than ever.

If you can think of ways you can help them, if you can think of people that may be able to adopt or foster some of these street dogs, it would really be saving them from a very difficult situation.

I am willing to conduct temperament tests on video with these dogs so you can see for yourselves what good dogs they are temperamentally. Not just beautiful dogs, but also really good dogs that deserve better than to be covered up in snow for the rest of this winter.

This winter we've had temperatures as low as -20- -25 degrees Celsius. And when it's not that cold, it snows like it does now. It's been a really tough winter for these dogs. If you can think of any way to help them, now it's really the time.

Thank you for reading this.


  1. Alex we cant help over there with foster care but....we can send kennels etc over..Would that help?

  2. Got a lot of good info from this page! All the best to your blog!

  3. Hello Action Aid, flying kennels would really help for transporting some of these dogs to good, safe homes or foster places abroad. One or two large flying kennels would be very much needed indeed, thank you for the thought!