Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful Heart

Some rescue stories have truly unique and unexpected happy endings. Such was the case of Clarissa, a young female dog I found in the streets of Ploiesti at the end of August when returning home for a vacation. A very sweet and friendly dog, but a dog with a really bad eye injury that most certainly gave her a lot of pain. It hurt us to see her suffering. This was Clarissa when we found her in the streets:

Clarissa underwent an initial eye surgery aimed to save her eye. And we were hopeful for a while that she would make a full recovery and see with both eyes again. After weeks in foster under the terrific care of a local animal rescuer, however, Clarissa's eye got worse, to the point that a second surgery to have her eye removed was the last and only option. A big hit for all the people that cared for her and fell in love with her absolutely beautiful loving nature.

Many animal rescuers know it's truly hard to find a good loving home for a big, black dog also with a physical imperfection: one eye only. No matter what amazing dogs they can be. We had lost hope, but then a miracle happened for her. A nice lady from Germany wanted Clarissa!

So at the end of October, off Clarissa went to Germany to meet her kind-hearted adopter, the person that had offered to give Clarissa a good home despite Clarissa's handicap.

And this is where the story twists and turns and becomes all the more special. Unbeknown to us, her adopter happened to have a female cousin over for a couple of weeks at the time when Clarissa arrived. Long story short, Clarissa and the owner's cousin formed a truly special relationship and became inseparable during the weeks the cousin spent with Clarissa and her owner. We were all puzzled and baffled, and thought long and hard about what was to be done when the cousin would leave to go to her own home. The owner was saddened by what was happening, seeing her newly adopted dog bonding really well with her cousin instead. But what was to be done?

In our conversations, the owner often described Clarissa's beautiful "big heart" when talking about her. Luckily, this story is not only about Clarissa's beautiful heart, other beautiful hearts being involved as well. In the end, the owner, who had initially offered a home to our Clarissa, found the strength, wisdom and kindness to let Clarissa go with her cousin, when it was time for the cousin to go home. So off Clarissa went to her new home with the person she had chosen herself for her owner.

 Clarissa at home with the people she has chosen herself as her owners

 Clarissa and her new owner being inseparable from the moment they met

 A happy, loved, spoiled girl now

Clarissa is a happy girl now, living a good life full of love, just like her beautiful heart deserves

We were initially worried we could not find Clarissa a good home because of her missing eye. But her beautiful heart shone through, and in the end Clarissa even had the luxury to choose herself the person that was going to be her owner. A young injured dog at first, now a happy and lucky girl with the person with whom she developed a very special relationship from the moment she arrived in Germany.
Clarissa looking ahead to a bright future by the side of her new loving owners

One unlucky girl, becoming a very happy and lucky girl in the end. God bless such beautiful hearts!

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