Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The reality of the dogs in Romania and statistics

I have found recently some very compelling reports based on well-documented evidence, reports written by highly respected, knowledgeable people regarding the Romanian stray dog overpopulation. The first one is a very honest and factual report written by Mr. Robert Smith regarding stray dog population means of control in Romania:
Report Robert Smith Spay Neuter and Return

Another eye-opening report was written by Mrs Carmen Arsene, the vice-president of the FNPA (The National Federation of Animal Protection). This report clearly highlights the split between existing animal protection laws on paper, and what actually happens to the dogs in the streets and in state shelters:
Stray Dog Situation in Romania - Animal Cruelty

Lastly, an informative website with reports about animal welfare in Romania, with a focus on stray dog welfare:
Dogs in Romania

I think anyone interested to hear more about Romanian mentality, Romanian animal welfare, and Romanian management of the stray animal population, will find these reports informative and worth reading.

Thank you for reading this, getting informed, and caring about Romanian stray dogs!

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