Friday, January 6, 2012

Hoping for a Happy 2012

Dear all,

With a new year comes a new beginning, full of hope and positive energy. The needs are great for the Romanian stray dogs of Ploiesti. But I also feel that a lot can be accomplished for them this year. More neutering campaigns, more adoptions, more awareness locally and internationally. I have a good feeling for this year.

You can really make a difference for the Ploiesti strays by contributing to more spay/neuter campaigns. If you wish to be part of this, please donate to the US-based Romania Animal Rescue organization, specifically for a neutering event in Ploiesti. They have already held a much needed s/n event in our town in November of 2011 when 100 animals were neutered. But there still are hundreds and hundreds of animals that continue to multiply- animals that desperately need to be neutered as a humane and educated means to control stray animal overpopulation. As little as 16 euro can spay or neuter one animal! Detailed instructions on how to donate to Romania Animal Rescue for a Ploiesti s/n event can be found on the page with WAYS TO HELP.

 If you wish to adopt or foster one Ploiesti stray, or if you know kind, responsible people looking for a dog or puppy, please have a look at, or forward, the page with DOGS AND CATS FOR ADOPTION.

In the end, I wanted to share with you some feel-good moments, captured only a couple of days ago on camera. It's our Magnificent 4, four abandoned puppies currently in foster care locally and prepped for departure to loving foster places in Holland. That's how sweet our strays can be:

It really is a new beginning this year. Thank you for reading this!

Bryan Adams- Here I Am (a good song for a new beginning)


  1. let's make this year a better one for our animal friends :)