Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good news for now regarding stray dog management

Good news today!

The much dreaded stray dog cull law that had passed in the Romanian Parliament on November 22nd was stopped today, January 11th 2012, by the Romanian Constitutional Court. The Court deemed certain parts of the law as unconstitutional, and sent it back for re-examination to the Commission. We're all extremely relieved for now! Below please read a message from Mrs. Carmen Arsene, vice-president of the Romanian National Federation of Animal Protection (locally known as "FNPA"):

"Dear all,

With 8 votes (and only one vote against), PL 912 for management of dogs by euthanasia has just been declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL because of the Articles 7 and 8 - euthanasia and adoption conditions being considered unconstitutional. It means, in the absence of clear medical criteria, that EUTHANASIA IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL
Therefore, the Constitutional Court sends the law back to the commissions in Parliament!

Our materials containing the legal counters have been taken into consideration and the members of the Constitutional Court have proven they are not corrupt!

Your protests sent to the Constitutional Court, your whole work in Romania have been and are of incontestable help, showing them they are always monitored and warned! Thank you very much for that!

Let’s hope the future will be for strays like today!

Carmen Arsene"

I am glad this day brought such good news for the Romanian strays and their supporters. Today was a tail-wagging kind of day!

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