Friday, December 2, 2011

Protesting for life, and teaming up for Triumph

On Wednesday, November 30th, animal lovers and rescuers from all over Ploiesti held a peaceful protest in front of the local town hall in the name of life, and against the planned mass stray dog cull. Although it was in the middle of a working day, at least 50-60 people managed to stop by, getting to know each other and showing their united support for the stray dogs' cause. It was good to see in the crowd many young people concerned about animals' fate, it's always a good sign when young faces join the ranks. Here are some pictures from the protest:

Animals, too, joined our ranks to show their support for their fellow canine friends:

Three fellow animal rescuers and I then went to talk to the vice-prefect of the Prahova County inside the town hall. We all advocated for substantial spay and neuter campaigns of both stray and owned animals, for controlling animal numbers in humane and responsible ways. We showed our concern for the fate of the local animals, friendly, neutered and well cared for by local people, as well as for the welfare of the animals at the Bucov animal shelter. I am sincerely hoping that this dialogue with the local administration will continue, and that, with enough support and help from the country and from abroad, we'll manage to push the balance towards spay/neuter instead of the much dreaded mass dog cull.

Before arriving at the protest, Laura, a friend of mine, found an injured young cat that had been just hit by a car. Let's call her Triumph, as she's got tree colors, plus she's one mighty kitten:

Triumph was found badly injured on the road, crying in pain, with a broken pelvis and broken legs, a victim of a recent car accident. A tough start for a 5-month old super sweet kitten. My friend rushed Triumph to a vet, but she needed help with temporarily placing the cat for a couple of days plus ensuring further vet treatment. Luckily, at the protest two other friends of mine instantly offered to host the cat for a few days, and my part was to go again to the vet with Triumph. Said and done. Now Triumph lives up to her name, eating well and being a fighter. Apart from this kitten's sweetness (we all grew terribly fond of her), I was also very well impressed with the great team work done for Triumph. I am really glad and feel honored to work together with such wonderful fellow rescuers. Once again, I get reminded that Ploiesti does have many great animal rescuers. A group of great people that could.

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