Friday, December 16, 2011

On the way to becoming Dutch

This week 4 Ploiesti strays hit the road to Holland. Luiza and Whitey, Belice and Blanca were welcomed by wonderful, caring, empathetic families who were concerned and very receptive to the situation of the Romanian strays and the danger of the mass dog cull law. Here are the now former Ploiesti strays soon after arriving in Holland:

Belice, shy at the beginning but opening up and starting to show his true colours

 Luiza and Whitey, best street friends, still together in the new home

Blanca, a tiny darling, a beauty and a super doggie ambassador

Belice is now getting used to his new life with an owner. Luiza and Whitey are learning together the ropes of having a family of their own. And Blanca is an absolute darling in her foster home, being a most amazing ambassador for the many wonderful stray dogs of Ploiesti and of Romania that desperately need a home and the chance to flourish as part of a family. 

While we are super happy for them, and we wish them long, happy lives with their new owners, they are already missed. Personally, I ended up sending my 2 favourite local strays, Luiza and Whitey, just because it was impossible for me to adopt them myself, and I really wanted to know them safe and loved like they deserved. And yes, safe from the risk of becoming victims of the mass stray dog cull. Because they deserve so much more than such a fate. Like many others.

By looking at these pictures now, of them newly arrived in their homes in Holland, I can only say how much they fit in. It seems surreal that only until recently they were street dogs that no one wanted in Romania.

Belice, Luiza, Whitey, Blanca, may you flourish and show the world how terrific the Ploiesti/Romanian strays are!

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  1. On the pictures it looks like they have always lived there, I am so happy to see this and to know that they are safe now in the homes of truly magnificant people! They look sooo sweet! I can only imagine that they will make their (future owners) very happy!! I hope to have the opportunity to meet some of them!

    Alex a big hug for you!! You did so much for them and I can imagine that you miss them. Hopefully you will see them all at the beginning of next year :-).


    Ulrike (And of course Pieter, Finch, Daya and Bass)