Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life is a story

Sometimes we get days that seem a bit surreal. Today was just such a day... Let's see how it started.

Yesterday, a friend found an injured female dog and simply could not leave her there. A dog that had been ran over and dragged under a car, and had open injuries. So I advised him to take the dog to a good local vet I knew. The news was good: the vet sewed her open wounds and considered she'll fully recover after the accident. Even better, a neighbor was willing to host and care for this dog until her recovery. Yet, her spine is swollen as you can see in the first picture, and while she definitely feels in her hind legs, she's not able to walk quite yet.

I thought of calling her Alma, which means 'soul' in Latin, because her face expression can tell so much. Here's Alma yesterday, right after being seen and treated at the vet:

So this morning, the plan was for my sister and I to leave the house for half an hour... Solely to go see Alma and take more pictures of her. And so we did, but little did we know that this would be only the beginning of our day... Here's Alma this morning, well cared for by the foster lady and our friend:

Now, two things grabbed my attention the minute I saw her: firstly, that she looked so much like a Spanish Podenco dog, reminding me of my friends' super sweet dogs. And secondly, that judging by her breasts, she was a lactating mom...

Which meant that she most certainly must have had small puppies left behind somewhere in the area where she was ran over. So instead of going home to relax at least today, well, off we go, 3 friends, at the accident site to explore the area in search of Alma's puppies. One dilapidated building on the one side, bushes with thorns on the other side. We looked for the puppies everywhere we could, calling them, and showing people pictures of Alma and asking of her and her puppies' whereabouts. Well, no luck...

... Until I go into a nearby gas station and ask staff members about this dog and whether they had seen any puppies in the area. The guy at the counter immediately tells me there's a puppy that had been ran over by a car that very morning, and now was hiding under a car nearby. We found the little darling shivering under a car, but wagging his tail and being super happy to get some dry dog food. We pulled him from underneath the car super gently and started examining him...

Let's just say that some puppies are just incredibly lucky... The guy from the counter was firmly convinced that the car had ran over the puppy and had damaged him badly. While the little guy was clearly in shock and trembling, he has no broken bones and no visible external injuries. Most likely, the car ran over him, but fortunately the wheels did not touch him. He stood up and walked. And while still shaking, he showed us how hungry he was by finishing immediately a handful of kibble. Skin and bones, only the long fur hiding his skinny body, the dirtiest puppy I have ever seen, and full of fleas too, we could not leave him there.

Judging by his puppy teeth that are falling off, he's around 4-5 months of age. And because of his colour, I've decided to call the little guy Smokey. So meet Smokey:

Now, Smokey clearly is too old to be Alma's puppy. Judging by her breasts, her puppies must be way younger. But despite our efforts and willingness to save them and reunite them back with their mother in a safe place, we could not find Alma's puppies... I sincerely hope that someone finds and saves them. We certainly did our best.

Well, we went there to rescue Alma's puppies... And ended up rescuing this little guy that had been involved in a car accident himself that very morning. After calling friends and trying to find him a foster place, we resorted to driving to the countryside and leaving the little guy with plenty of food, water and warm blankets in a relative's courtyard. Here's Smokey in the car in my arms, going in foster to the countryside:

Day over? Nope! We felt sorry to leave poor baby Smokey alone in that courtyard. So we went back into Ploiesti and rescued another stray puppy that is already spoken for adoption. We took this puppy as well to the countryside to keep Smokey canine company and also be safe herself. Now they're both treated against internal and external parasites, and finally spending their very first day in a safe place, away from cars and traffic. They'll also go see the vet very soon.

When my sister and I finally returned home, it was late afternoon/early evening. Just one of those days...

UPDATE Dec 5th: The vet told me today that by the way Alma's breasts looked, she hasn't been sucked in quite a while now. Which means that as a matter of fact, there weren't any tiny puppies left behind depending on her! So a big relief. 


  1. Hello I am Nico from Holland,

    Almost 14 years ago i adopted Guus from a pound nearby.We had the best time ever together all those years.We saw the whole of europe together,by car.

    He passed away very recently,and yes i miss him alot,but Smokeys story grabbed stay alone and leave Smoke to faith?or do something good whith life and carry on whith a new soul to rescue...

    So here i am whith Smokey on my lap while writing this.
    Guus will be in my heart forever!Smokey already feels at home and save.he is smart and very good.We will have great life together,i'm sure!
    He is whith me 24/7 and loves his new place!

    Please keep on doing the good work you do


    Nico and Smokey

  2. Thank you so much for the update, Nico! This is wonderful :)

    I am sorry for your loss, but thank you for adopting Smokey. I hope you will share many good, happy years with him!

  3. What a wonderful story with a happy ending. Thank you, Alex, for what you are doing for dogs in Romania. And thank you, Nico, for keeping Guus in your heart, while still making room for Smokey. This is what love of dogs is all about.