Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Urgent appeal for Ploiesti and Romania's dogs

Dear all,

Today the mass stray dog culling law passed in the Romanian Parliament. All animal rescuers are extremely worried about what is about to happen to the Romanian strays, and the kind of deaths they'll endure. Despite EU's recommendations for humane, educated ways to control the stray dog overpopulation problem (see the Written Declaration 26 on Dog Population Management in the EU), the leading Romanian PD-L party thought otherwise. To give you an example about what "euthanasia" means in Romania, please see:



By the way, in the videos above you see Traian Basescu, back then the mayor of our capital, now the president of the country, and member of the leading PD-L party.

If there is any way you could adopt or foster a Romanian stray dog soon, it would be beyond amazing. You would save it from a great deal of suffering and a most certain painful death. We're talking here even about the loveliest, friendliest puppies and easiest dogs to handle (for example, you can have a look here: LOCAL STRAY DOGS FOR ADOPTION)

I will talk with more local rescuers and think of what else could be done, and how the larger international community could help the Romanian dogs, especially in these particularly worrying times. Thank you for reading this and for caring about these stray dogs with truly bleak prospects.

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