Monday, November 14, 2011

Urgent appeal for a happy dog with a sad story

I don't normally write appeals, as I believe I would have to write appeals for each and every dog out of the thousands roaming the streets of Ploiesti. But this one is truly a sad case, a dog my friend told me about. He is a one year old Schnauzer mix boy that was abandoned today by his owner. And thank God this happened, for his own sake. My friend's family (neighbors with the former owner) can only keep him temporarily in foster care, as my friend's dad suffers from asthma.

This dog had anything but a happy life. His drunken owner would beat him repeatedly with his belt. Until today, he would often be left alone on the balcony of his former owner's apartment, in scorching summer temperatures or freezing winter nights. Also, fed sporadically, whenever the owner remembered about him, and not with proper nutritious food- today apparently he had cooked cabbage- human leftovers most likely. He would be taken out for a walk once every few days. I'd say, a very bad case of neglect and cruelty.

Despite this, he still is a happy boy loving human company. Weirdly enough. Yes, he still trusts people, he's loving, friendly and full of life. Truly weird!!!

And now looking for a new home. Ideally, the total opposite of what his first home was like.

Today, just surrendered by his former owner and taken in temporarily by my friend's family

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  1. The poor thing :-(. Ik hope he will find a loving home very soon!!