Monday, October 10, 2011

From little stray to little princess, and other good news

The last couple of weeks have been particularly tough. I simply had no time to update the blog anymore, being extremely busy with the care of the strays in my neighborhood. But now, I can finally sit down, take a deep breath, and share some good news!

Good news number 1: I am extremely happy to tell you that, after many struggles and hardships along the way, 3 stray puppies from Ploiesti are now in Germany and Holland! Baby Nikita was adopted in Germany by a wonderful family, while baby Tigger and teenager Finch are in foster care in Holland, waiting for their forever homes.

Early on October 9th, our 3 little darlings flew with Maria, a most wonderful friend from Holland, from Bucharest Otopeni Airport to Amsterdam. We are extremely grateful to Maria for her sacrificing one whole weekend to come to Romania specifically to bring back with her our little angels. We are also grateful to many other animal rescuer friends from Ploiesti, Bucharest, and abroad, who made this rescue mission possible. Thank you all for helping us prepare the puppies for adoption, finding them really good homes and foster places, providing us with crates for air travel, giving us lots of advice, and finally helping us send the puppies abroad, to amazing people!

 Me, waiting on the Otopeni- Bucharest airport with Finch sleeping on my lap

Baby Tigger, in foster at a wonderful lady in Holland

Nikita, from little Romanian stray to little German princess!

The downside is that I could not save baby Rob as well- Tigger and Nikita's brother. We lost him, most likely poisoned with solution for killing rodents sprayed by the municipality in his neighborhood. But maybe no success can ever be complete. I am still happy that, out of 3 puppies, we have managed to save 2. It will always hurt a bit that Rob couldn't take that flight as well to Holland, to a wonderful home where he would have been loved despite being a former stray, and not a pure breed. But at least 2 of the 3 puppies are well, in the arms of people truly caring about them. In a way, Rob will live through his sisters.

Good news number 2: About two weeks ago I have also managed, with the help of SC Dog Projects/ SOS Dogs, to spay and neuter 3 more stray dogs in my neighborhood, of which two were females of reproductive age. It is more than extremely important for me to prevent the birth of more unwanted litters in the streets of Ploiesti. Their suffering in the streets is too heartbreaking.

Good news number 3: This blog was created and launched precisely a month ago. In the meantime, it has gathered over 2,500 page views, which is beyond unbelievable. I thank you all for reading my blog and for caring about the Ploiesti strays. These are the numbers of page views by country so far for the 10 countries most interested in my blog:
Germany: 857
Romania: 537
US: 243
UK: 223
Netherlands: 133
Norway: 94
Austria: 81
Italy: 54
Sweden: 46
Canada: 23

Thank you very much for caring about the Ploiesti strays. Little by little, one dog adopted at a time, one dog neutered at a time, a lot can be achieved, reducing the number of strays in humane ways. 

Neutering one dog can prevent the birth of countless puppies. Adopting one dog can mean the world to this one dog, changing its life forever for the better. Neutering campaigns, combined with adoptions, can truly make an incredible difference in reducing the numbers of strays- in humane and responsible ways.

So please, keep the Ploiesti strays on your radar, if you consider helping with neutering campaigns, or if you are looking for a canine best friend of your own.

Thank you!


  1. Well done Alex, you're doing a great job and we're all proud of you!!


  2. How wonderful to hear some good news, thank you so much for sharing these stories.

    Thank you too for everything you are doing, you are a special person indeed.

    Janet Gilmore

  3. I am so thankful u r there for the dogs. It's wonderful what u r doing.I would like to help u with the spay/neutering. Can u send me your info? I am sharing this with my facebook friends. I hope some of them can help u out also.

  4. Hello Wendy, and thank you for offering to help!

    If you want, you can donate to Romania Animal Rescue for a neutering campaign in Ploiesti specifically- and mention it is for Ploiesti! Thank you so much!!