Saturday, September 24, 2011

In memory of Rob, the most endearing musketeer

Rest in peace, sweet angel. It's not your fault you were born in a forsaken country in a forsaken city, in a forsaken world where people are too busy and too egotistical to see you the way we did. No one wanted to give you a home anyway, in this whole wide world. No one cared about you but us. Tonight, I hate the world with a passion. All egotistical souls who did not care to give you a home, after you were born in this world without even asking for it.

You died in one day, although yesterday you were fine, and so the other day as well. But the city took care of you - spraying rat and mice poison all over the city, almost every night in your neighborhood. For a puppy of 3 kilos in weight, you did not have a chance, did you? Nothing, parainfulenza, parvovirus, distempter, nothing else but poisoning could explain how you died so fast, when you were fine all the other days. The most joyous and friendliest of all musketeers.

Rest in peace, sweet angel. The world is hell anyway. Bastards only caring about themselves, about making tons of money, about preserving an image, driving fancy cars, and living a comfortable life. No one loves anyone else for real. Why would they care about you? Why would they care about anyone else but themselves?

I have tried so hard to care for you. I have fed and played with you daily. I have built you an enclosure where you could be safe with your siblings and able to socialize with humans. I have helped you get rid of intestinal parasites and fleas. I have helped you grow so much with good quality, healthy food. I have even made this blog for you, hoping that with this blog I will help you find a good loving home.

But now you are dead. After all the love I have invested in you, hoping for the best for you. I would have been so happy to part with you forever, knowing you'd be with an adoptive family to love you like you deserved, all your life.

Tomorrow, I have to start all over again. There are your sisters to care for, and many other stray animals who did not ask to be born in this world, but they were anyway.

But tonight, it is my right to hate the world. And I hate it with a passion.

Because I miss you. And because it's not fair.

I wish my love had been enough to shield your from all the harm.

Now I can only wish God will take good care of you.

Until we meet again, Rob.


  1. I am so sorry to hear this....What the hell is wrong with people to do this to a little angel...Just sick,really twisted. The sisters, can you take them in?

  2. I will try to find them a foster place, I will do my best... To save at least them.

  3. Oh, that´s so sad. I know about the figthts stray animals have to win every single day in this crazy, cruel and unfair world. But to hear of an individual it´s much harder. And to read it with so many pain between the written lines - it makes my heart crying. Now I´m sitting here crying - not only with my heart - and thinking of all the poor animals on the streets that have no chance to have a live full of love, nice words and fun. Some of them have to die unlamented, never known what it means: to live.

  4. I cried a lot too, Anja. My only consolation is that Rob died fast- in one day. He did not suffer for a long time, thank God. He passed away so fast, it was a shock. Nobody saw it coming. And to see him, from the joyful puppy he was until the other day, all of a sudden to a puppy who could not stand anymore, couldn't even drink water, and would poop continuously diarrhea with blood as he was lying down... It was a shock. We did all we could- injections with antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medication. He got too sick all of a sudden- that's why we suspect it must have been poisoning the city used these days on the streets against rodents.

    Now I have no time to cry anymore for him. I must focus on saving the other dogs. It's hard, but if I save at least his sisters, it still means something. Even saving one dog alone and finding a good loving home for him would be a victory.

  5. THIS SWEET DARLING won't have to suffer anymore. But what an awful death, poor little one!
    How can so-called "humans" be so cruel??????? they are awful people!

  6. i just came back from romania where i was spending my one week vacation. it was devastating for me to see so many stray dogs on the streets, but i decided that instead of crying and complaining about people's cruelty, we should take action. it's a wondefull job that you are doing. even simple list of useful information how one can help is extremely useful. a lot of pepole would liek to help, but very often they just don't know how. i keep my fingers crossed for the remaining puppy. I decided to start an organization here in Poalnd and i hope we will be able to interact with similar romanian organization to help you. i think spaying and education is the key. all the best to you, marta

  7. I feel your pain way across the ocean. I look forward to the day when God sends all those people,who turned away from the sites they saw daily, and throws them in the pit of fire where they belong. All the animals just wandering the streets hungry and in need of a loving home. It breaks my heart what they have to go through .