Saturday, September 24, 2011

In memory of Rob, the most endearing musketeer

Rest in peace, sweet angel. It's not your fault you were born in a forsaken country in a forsaken city, in a forsaken world where people are too busy and too egotistical to see you the way we did. No one wanted to give you a home anyway, in this whole wide world. No one cared about you but us. Tonight, I hate the world with a passion. All egotistical souls who did not care to give you a home, after you were born in this world without even asking for it.

You died in one day, although yesterday you were fine, and so the other day as well. But the city took care of you - spraying rat and mice poison all over the city, almost every night in your neighborhood. For a puppy of 3 kilos in weight, you did not have a chance, did you? Nothing, parainfulenza, parvovirus, distempter, nothing else but poisoning could explain how you died so fast, when you were fine all the other days. The most joyous and friendliest of all musketeers.

Rest in peace, sweet angel. The world is hell anyway. Bastards only caring about themselves, about making tons of money, about preserving an image, driving fancy cars, and living a comfortable life. No one loves anyone else for real. Why would they care about you? Why would they care about anyone else but themselves?

I have tried so hard to care for you. I have fed and played with you daily. I have built you an enclosure where you could be safe with your siblings and able to socialize with humans. I have helped you get rid of intestinal parasites and fleas. I have helped you grow so much with good quality, healthy food. I have even made this blog for you, hoping that with this blog I will help you find a good loving home.

But now you are dead. After all the love I have invested in you, hoping for the best for you. I would have been so happy to part with you forever, knowing you'd be with an adoptive family to love you like you deserved, all your life.

Tomorrow, I have to start all over again. There are your sisters to care for, and many other stray animals who did not ask to be born in this world, but they were anyway.

But tonight, it is my right to hate the world. And I hate it with a passion.

Because I miss you. And because it's not fair.

I wish my love had been enough to shield your from all the harm.

Now I can only wish God will take good care of you.

Until we meet again, Rob.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The dogs of Ploiesti

I am trying to describe the situation of the local strays of Ploiesti, Romania, both in the local Bucov shelter and on the streets.

One of the countless pups from the local Bucov shelter

This blog is divided into several chapters:

- ABOUT PLOIESTI AND STRAYS includes general information about my city, as well as reasons why Ploiesti has countless stray dogs

- MY ARTICLES I have written in the past, with impressions about the Bucov shelter and the tough life of dogs in the streets

- IN THE NEWS features press articles regarding the strays of Ploiesti

- BUCOV POUND IN IMAGES tries to tell the story using mostly images. Warning, graphic images that may be very disturbing!

- DESPERATE NEED TO NEUTER discusses and depicts in images the importance of neutering and spaying animals to prevent the birth of unwanted litters and unmeasurable unnecessary suffering. 

- DOGS AND CATS FOR ADOPTION includes information and pictures of local strays currently available for adoption

- SUCCESS STORIES features stories with happy ending of some of the luckiest local strays.

- GOOD LOCAL VETS features vet clinics and doctors I recommend from personal experience for caring for strays, particularly spaying/neutering at good price and good quality work. 

- RESPECTABLE ORGANIZATIONS includes a list of organizations I have personally come in contact with, and which I highly respect and admire for what they do.

- WAYS TO HELP AND CONTACT INFO includes a list of things you could do to help the strays of Ploiesti, and also ways to contact me.

Thank you for reading this, and for caring about the stray dogs of Ploiesti!